Why a Gaming Center in Grand Rapids?

Gaming Centers have always been a huge part of our lives. From the early stages of the Atari to the modern consoles like the Playstation and Xbox.

People find enjoyment among themselves and others when surrounded by like-minded people. That's why the concept of a Gaming Center located in our hometown of Grand Rapids was born.

We wanted to provide a place where all gamers could call home, we noticed that people today are looking for a more competitive scene with the Esports rising around the world.

Total Reality plans to bridge the gap between the aspiring Esports Athletes all the way to pro. Grand Rapids has such a huge talent pool. Everyone here can become good at the game they choose.

We wanted to offer a place that everyone can recognize on a Friday night. Family-owned and operated Total Reality doesn't just want to be another gaming center. We are striving to become the Gaming Center in Grand Rapids.

Total Reality offers options for all age groups. Offering Birthday parties, tournaments, corporate retreats, Esports Training, and STEM-based classes. We have partnered with local universities like Ferris State in order to obtain college credits for every class taken at Total Reality. Bridging this gap helps to create a place where everyone is welcome and can achieve the goals they desire.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple: To provide Esports training combined with STEM products to the local community. We work within the local community to provide a place where teens and young adults to stay out of trouble, gain the education they want, and work towards being the best person of themselves. When we can help at least 1 person through gaming we know our mission is the right one Join us and become part of the Total Reality Family today!

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