Create Your Dream Gaming Setup

Get started on your gaming room build in Belmont, MI

Gaming has evolved far beyond your typical living room couch. If you want to build a modern gaming room, Total Reality can get to work. We have extensive experience putting together personalized gaming room builds in local schools and rec centers. We'll craft a sweet setup that makes gaming more fun and more comfortable than ever. We can install everything from computer software to comfy gaming chairs.

Contact our company in Belmont, MI today to ask about the gaming room builds we do.

Enter the world of virtual reality

Want to put a VR room on your property? We'll make it happen. Our VR room installation can unlock an entirely new world that you'll have right at your fingertips. We offer turnkey installation services and can handle everything from start to finish. Gaming will never be the same.

What's so great about having your own gaming room? You can:

  • Bring in recurring revenue
  • Provide more access to classes and education
  • Appeal to kids

We offer maintenance in addition to installation. Call now to discuss the VR room installations we do throughout Belmont, MI.